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 Carboxylic Acids
 Aldehydes, Ketones, Benzopyranones
 Other Building Blocks
 Reference Compounds
 Sulfonyl Chlorides
 Nucleosides and Reagents, Phosphonates, Carbohydrates
 Steroid-Like Compounds

Custom Organic Synthesis

We provide custom synthesis of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, and to universities and research institutions. We offer starting materials, intermediates, reference compounds, and derivatives of lead compounds. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to several kilograms. Requests for contract research services can be fulfilled.

We have been in organic synthesis business for over 20 years and employ highly experienced and accomplished synthetic organic and medicinal chemists with extensive experience in industrial and academic synthesis and research. We specialize in small molecule organic compounds, natural products, heterocycles, nucleosides, and amino acids. Our staff is capable of handling difficult synthetic assignments and providing high quality, on-time, and confidential services. We are developing an inventory of compounds that are not readily available elsewhere, and appreciate suggestions from you and your staff about products that we might offer.

We offer
Laboratory scale production:
- starting materials and intermediates
- reference compounds
- metabolites
- expensive or uncommon reagents
- mg to Kg scales

Specialty products, biochemicals
- modified amino acids
- nucleosides and nucleotides
- reagents for peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis

Contract research:
- medicinal chemistry
- lead compounds, analogs of active leads
- scale-up and optimization
- FTE base contract synthesis

- timely, high quality delivery
- certificate of analysis with product
- complete lot records and archived sample
- confidential services and quotations
- consultation; analog and method design

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